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Deona was voor ons een geschenkje dat de administratieve last aanzienlijk heeft verminderd. Persoonlijk vind ik dat Deona uitblinkt in toegankelijkheid.

‘Everything under one roof!’ is the slogan of Les petits Kinderopvang, a Dutch childcare provider. ‘This ties in perfectly with the software of KidsKonnect’, says Marleen van Leent. She has worked for more than 20 years at Les Petits as a staff member in planning and relationship management.

Les Petits is a medium-sized organisation with approximately 250 workers, and provides childcare to approximately 1800 children. In spite of its size, there are short lines of communication, both from the management to the workers and from the workers to the parents. So there is fast mutual switching. ‘That is also the special thing about Les Petits; we find it very important to get to know our customers and to add a personal touch. KidsKonnect greatly helps us with that. For example, the childcare planning data allow us to search in various ways. When a parent calls, we directly have the right data at our fingertips. The worker can see exactly which children are concerned and what is going on. This immediately feels familiar to the parent.’

‘KidsKonnect is state-of-the-art software of today!’
 Since 2014, Les Petits have used the parent communication features of KidsKonnect (formerly Konnect) to their full satisfaction. The specialism of the parent communication has always been a main focus at Les Petits. ‘With the arrival of the merger, the specialism has been enhanced further, so KidsKonnect now offers a full trinity with total integration.’ Therefore the childcare planning of KidsKonnect has been added to the software since the start of 2020.

‘The parent communication has developed rapidly in recent years. More and more processes are automated. For us, the greatest advantage is that we are able to quickly reach locations and parents, and vice versa. In this way, workers can view the attendance lists on the group, and parents can view the planned days via the agenda in the app. Parents can also request extra days of childcare or communicate absences, which then turn are directly processed in the childcare planning. Furthermore, each day the pedagogical staff member writes a report, possibly supplemented by photos, which is shared with the parent via the parent app. Thus we show what we do and what we stand for! And that gives the parent a good feeling.’
KidsKonnect thinks along with you
‘There are always wishes, and every organisation has its own procedures and works in its own way. But with KidsKonnect we always have the feeling they think along with us. This is also evident from the numerous possibilities offered by KidsKonnect. It surprises us each time how every organisation has its own procedures and that KidsKonnect can integrate them smoothly in the software.

In any case, we are very happy with KidsKonnect! We will certainly recommend it to everyone!’


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