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Deona heeft ons aangenaam verrast: het heeft meer functies dan wij hadden verwacht en het is een goed programma om de administratieve druk te verlichten.

SKOA is located in the region of Alkmaar in The Netherlands. SKOA has 24 locations, which are divided into six clusters with different forms of childcare. ‘The basic premise of SKOA is that each child is welcome and that we find a place for each child. Each child has its own talents, and that also applies to our workers. Precisely for that reason, the diversity of our workers is important to make a good offer,’ says Pascale Warmerdam, human resources manager at Stichting Kinderopvang Alkmaar.

Since 2005, SKOA has worked with the childcare planning and personnel planning of KidsKonnect (formerly Flexkids). From the moment that the Dutch Childcare Act came into effect, there was a great need for an integrated system. That was when the childcare planning was taken into use, in order to do the full administration in that module. In 2013 the personnel planning module was added to it.

More insight in the occupancy of the groups
‘Through the use of the childcare planning and personnel planning modules, we have gained more insight in the occupancy of the groups. Since the introduction of the personnel planning module, the efficiency of personnel deployment has increased by 70%. This led to huge cost savings. That really is the result of the visibility offered by the package,’ says Pascale.

Cost savings were very much needed during the recession of 2013. SKOA went from a fairly large organisation to a medium-sized organisation. Because of the shrinkinge of the organisation, it was necessary to work more efficiently if we still wanted to offer the good quality that SKOA is known for. ‘Before 2013 each location performed their personnel planning in Excel. This was still the case when we had just introduced personnel planning. At that time we did not fully trust the system yet. The trust had to grow. Now we have complete faith and trust in the system and use it for all our planning.

‘We work with an annual schedule which is entered by Human Resources at the head office. In addition there is the personnel planning per day and per week. Since the start of this year, this is handled by two PM’s per cluster (self-schedulers). They complete the schedule. In concrete terms, this means finding a replacement when someone is on leave. Or, vice versa, if there is a PM too much because there are less children, a PM should take leave or a PM should be made available for work at another location.

Currently we are primarily concerned with optimising these processes. Early this year we set goals for January 1st, 2020, with respect to scheduling. The cluster managers were spending 60% of their time on scheduling. With the new working method, this should decrease to 10%.
The main advantage of the personnel planning of KidsKonnect is that there is only one system linked to time registration and leave registration. Moreover you have an overview of the schedule on the basis of the child occupancy. It is all about the insights that are available now. Therefore I would give the personnel planning a rating of 8! That is fairly high rating.’


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