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Higher operating efficiency with KidsKonnect!


All involved parties in the childcare sector experience many advantages thanks to the fully integrated software.

  • Notifications
  • Automation
  • Time savings


KidsKonnect gives you a grip on the organisation and provides you with signals where adjustments are desirable. The management reports offer an overview of your revenue, personnel and quality of service for effective cost management.
  • Management dashboards
  • Management rapportering
  • Opvolging subsidiëring

Location manager

KidsKonnect delivers a clear overview of everything that is going on at the locations, including planning, schedules, finance and quality data. This allows for effective control and quality assurance. Quickly need information about a child, his/her parents, or a member of your staff? You can find it in the location portal!
  • Bezettingssimulatie
  • Aanwezigheidsdashboard
  • Capaciteitsplanning
  • Volledige administratie en rapportering K&G

Childcare planner

Always an up-to-date insight in the capacity, occupancy and waiting list of all locations and groups. Thanks to detailed planning recommendations it is easy to place a child on the group for the entire contract period. In no time at all, you can produce a contract to be digitally signed.
  • Kinderbegeleiders dashboard
  • Registratie en opvolging
  • Kindvolgsysteem en MeMoQ

Finance assistant

With KidsKonnect you can process financial agreements, invoices and direct debits. It is easy to read bank payments, process price agreements and send reminders in the system. Thanks to various links with accounting packages, KidsKonnect seamlessly connects to your administration.
  • Facturatie en onkostenvergoeding
  • Financiële administratie
  • Management dashboards en rapporteringen


Using KidsKonnect you can monitor the whole process from lead to customer, and gain more control over the process. Thus it becomes easy to send fitting content. Once a lead has become a customer, you can supply them with content via a webpage in the KidsKonnect environment or via newsletters using contact data from the system.
  • Lokaal loket
  • Wachtlijstbeheer
  • Bezettingsimulatie
  • Oudercommunicatie


With KidsKonnect parents have the data of the organisation at their fingertips and can follow their child’s events by means of the photos and messages. Correcting data, reporting the child as absent, applying for swap days and requesting extra childcare days has never been easier. You can directly arrange it all with the app.
  • Ouderportaal
  • Oudercommunicatie
  • Online betaalsystemen

Pedagogical staff

With KidsKonnect, all relevant and actual information is available at the group. Children can be reported as present or absent, and parents are kept informed via diary entries or nice photos. The staff at the group also can see the planning and the staff-to-child ratio (BKR). In this way, they can easily approve requests from parents.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Lage TCO
  • State of the art technologie


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